In a world where food safety standards are challenging and the industrial environment is rapidly evolving, addressing the concerns and imbalances of the industry by its stakeholders is not a choice but an imperative. Ensuring the sustainability of crops and improving the livelihood of the farmers is also a collective responsibility. It is in this context that All India Spices Exporters Forum (AISEF) came up with the idea of the International Spice Conference with a view to providing a platform for all stakeholders of the Global Spice Industry – business houses, spice organisations, policy makers, farmers and end users – to address their issues and interact with each other.

Today it has grown to become the World’s Largest Knowledge Dissemination and unifying platform for the global spice fraternity. Four successful editions of the conference are already over and these have had their positive impact on the industry and its stakeholders. The four editions have sequentially evolved on its theme as a continuing and dedicated string of thought. The first edition of the International Spice Conference had ‘Decoding spices in the 21st Century’ as its theme and it talked about quality, collaboration and adaptability as the three critical factors. The second and the third editions had ‘21st Century Spice Industry – Disrupt or be Disrupted’ as its theme and ‘Managing Disruptions through Transformation and Collaboration’ as their respective themes. The latest edition, ISC 2019 had ‘Challenges of Change – Redefining the Value Chain’ as its theme.


Changes in consumer’s preferences and dilution in the international boundaries, the infusion of technology in business is changing the operational dynamics. Government rules and regulations, different international quality standards and terms of trades are also throwing up newer obstacles. ISC 2019 held in Hyderabad, deliberated on these challenges. It was attended by 900 delegates from over 50 countries, 50 insightful speakers and 60 exhibitors made this a rewarding event . One of the unique features of ISC 2019 was the Innovation Pavilion and ISC Innovation Awards intended to provide impetus to innovations that help the industry perform better. Hosted in Hyderabad, the historic city of Nizams, the conference provided ample networking time and unbridled entertainment apart from its insightful and interactive sessions.


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30th AGM Chairman's Report

Published:25 Oct 19

Annual report by Chairman, Mr. Rajiv Palicha

Due date for filing GST returns for FY 18 extended to Dec 31

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" Chilies were natives of the Americas. Brought down to India in ancient times, Indian cuisine embraced it and today Indian curries have no identity without them. "

" A knowledgeable use of spices and seasonings is what gives Indian Cuisine its uniqueness and excitement. "

" Paprika Oleoresin is used in chicken feed – Capsanthins and other natural pigments, impart a red tint to the egg yolk "

" Cardamom is known as the queen of spices, thanks to its sweet delicate flavor – Arabs love them in their coffee and Scandinavians in their pastries "