The All India Spices Exporters Forum (AISEF) has been actively involved in promoting the interests of the spice industry, and representing industry problems at the right forums.


  • To strive to consistently increase per unit realization in spices exports by initiating product & packaging development and up gradation.
  • To undertake and participate in activities to influence policies of state and central bodies.
  • To shall intervene and catalyze development of better technologies and farm practices in the supply chain by striving for standards of cleanliness, promoting safe use of post-harvest handling.
  • To shall act as a repository of all market, technical and policy information and disseminate it to all its members, expanding the collective knowledge of our industry and disseminating scientific information to all concerned.


Chairman Vice-Chairman

Mr. Prakash Namboodiri
AB Mauri India Pvt. Ltd., Ernakulam

Mr. Rajiv Palicha
Nedspice Processing India Pvt. Ltd.


Mr. Geemon Korah
Kancor Ingredients Ltd., Ernakulam

Mr. Jojan L. Malayil
Bafna Enterprises, Cochin

Mr. Sanjeev Bisht
ITC Limited - ILTD, Guntur

Mr. M.L. Parekh
Parekh Sons, Cochin

Mr. Ramkumar Menon
JSG Trading Pvt. Ltd., Ernakulam


Mr. Cherian Xavier
Plant Lipids (P) ltd.

Mr. Krishna Kumar Bhammer
Krishna & Co., Kumbalam

Mr. Nipulal Arumughom
N2N Ingredients Pvt. Ltd., Ernakulam

 Mr. S. Chandrasekhar
Olam Agro India Ltd., Ernakulam


Mr. Emmanuel Nambusseril 
Akay Flavours & Aromatics Pvt. Ltd., Ernakulam


Mr. Uppiliappan Gopalan
Indian Products Ltd., Coimbatore


Mr. Sibi Thomas
Food Safety and Quality Solutions, Ernakulam


 Dr. Viju Jacob 
 Synthite Industries Ltd., Ernakulam




The All India Spices Exporters Forum was formed in 1987 for the coordinated development of the Spice industry, and to supplement the efforts of Spices Boards, India. The major objective of the Forum was to promote goodwill and cooperation among exporters and to stand together, while representing in industry problems at the right avenues.

Since inception, the forum has come a long way and now has over a hundred members from different parts of the country who are closely related to the spice trade. The very fact that the Forum now represents over 90 percent of the spices export trade speaks for the important role that it plays today.

Over the years, the Forum has also been able to influence strategies for spice and spice products.


Shri. M.L. Parekh
Parekh Brothers, Cochin
Shri. T. Vidyasagar
South India Produce Co., Cochin
Shri. Kishor Shamji
Kishor Spices Co., Cochin
Shri. Kamlesh J. Tanna
Jamnadas Madhavji Intl. Ltd., Cochin
Shri. Ramkumar Menon
Tata Tea Ltd., Cochin
1994-96 & 2002-04
Shri. George Paul
Synthite Industrial Chemicals Ltd., Cochin
Shri. Sanjay Mariwala
Kancor Flavours & Extracts Ltd., Cochin
Shri M.S.A. Kumar
AVT McCormick Ingredients Ltd.
Shri. Thomas Phillip
Cochin Spices Ltd.
Smt. Sushama Srikandath
AVT McCormick Ingredients Ltd.

Shri. Philip Kuruvilla
Indian Products Ltd.


    Shri. Geemon Korah                                                  
    Kancor Ingredients LTD.                                                                 2011-14
    Shri. Gulshan John
    Nedspice Processing India Pvt. Ltd.                                                 2014-16


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Annual Report by Chairman Mr. Prakash Namboodiri

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" Chilies were natives of the Americas. Brought down to India in ancient times, Indian cuisine embraced it and today Indian curries have no identity without them. "

" A knowledgeable use of spices and seasonings is what gives Indian Cuisine its uniqueness and excitement. "

" Paprika Oleoresin is used in chicken feed – Capsanthins and other natural pigments, impart a red tint to the egg yolk "

" Cardamom is known as the queen of spices, thanks to its sweet delicate flavor – Arabs love them in their coffee and Scandinavians in their pastries "