Food Safety and Sustainability – Global Initiatives

The 11th World Spice Congress 2012 will be held in Pune, from the 9th to the 12th February, 2012. This prestigious and premier event of the spice industry is jointly hosted by the Spices Board, India and the All India Spices Exporters Forum. (Year of Inception – 1990)

The 11th congress will dwell on the theme – “Sustainability and Food Safety – Global Initiatives”, a topic of great relevance in the spice trade at present and crucial to its future. The congress will provide ample opportunities to put forth points of view, learn from one another, market/promote brands and products, also opening up networking possibilities.

The congress will blend with the sights and sounds of Pune, India – hues of the ancient Maratha empire, green places of beauty, abodes of spiritual discovery and a myriad of options for the active traveler.

Outline of the deliberations at World Spice Congress 2012

Session 1 - Crops & Markets

Experts who know it all, will talk about the current market situation for spices, covering both demand and supply factors.

  • Supply Side - Details of last season origin-wise production, current stock position, carry forward stock, Price Trends, Outlook 2012
  • Demand Side – Consumption market situation reporting, Demand Pattern Analysis, Stock Positions Updates, Price Trends

The session will also look into the future – on the production scenario, looking to form opinions and strategies on key questions clouding the industry – How can ‘more’ be produced with minimum damage to the environment? Are food safety and sustainability mutually exclusive to meeting increasing demand? How can it go hand-in-hand? What are the consuming market’s strategies to building a sustainable and food safe future?

Session 2: Contaminants - Issues on Global Harmonization of Standards

This session includes deliberations on Major Contaminants – Pesticides, Aflatoxins, Illegal Dyes and Microbiological Parameters. Challenges in combating and controlling challenges and the anomalies in standard setting and testing methods, would be discussed, resulting in global consensus and understanding.

Session 3: Supply Chain Challenge for Producers

This session will pave the way to ensuring sustainability of supplies and to bridge the fundamental Demand and Supply imbalance in a manner that does not impact adversely, the environment.
Discussions will cover different stages of cultivation/production – Soil testing, breeding/high performance seed/variety development, Post, Pre-Harvest and Agricultural Practice Optimization, Impact of increasing cost of production, Climate Change.

Session 3: Supply Chain Challenges for Consumers

This session discusses in-depth, the expectations of the consumer from the suppliers of spice and spice products – in the areas of procurement processing, quality requirements, performance cycle, labor conditions, supplier ratings, etc.

Another key area of deliberation would be the role of the consumers in sustainability and food safety – with regard to working together with their supplier partners in the producing countries and in the consuming markets itself.

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