Why Become an AISEF Member?

1.  International Spice Conference  (ISC):  All Members of AISEF have an advantage of concesssional delegate fee while attending the Conference.

2. The World Spice Congress : AISEF members had the exclusive advantage of a concessional delegate fee,  while attending the congress.

The Forum has had the unique privilege of co-hosting the most prestigious and premier event of the spice industry: The world spice congress, from 1990 to 2014. The Congress attracts the virtual who-is-who of the spice world, with distinguished speakers and industry experts making presentations on topics of crucial importance. The last Congress – the eleventh in the series – was held in Pune in February 2012 and had a record attendance of 176 overseas delegates from 40 countries and 310 Indian participants from all over the country.

3. Assistance in taking up spice industry issues with the Spices Board and the Government of India: AISEF advantageously headquartered at Kochi, has established an excellent rapport with the Spices board - the premier government body responsible for spice exports in India. Spice industry problems of our members presented through the AISEF has always had an active ear at the Spices Board.

4. Access to Global Spice Associations and Industry Bodies: The Forum has built upon strengths developed over the years and has established good working relationships with government agencies and spice associations, worldwide, in both producing and consuming countries, with some having reciprocal memberships with AISEF.

5. Access to useful information on trade related issues: Quarterly Newsletters will keep you abreast of all relevant spice news and trends. Regular circulars on spice / export matters of immediate value including enquiries, received by the Forum through Spices Board, Spice Associations etc, will add value to your business.

6. Networking and business building Opportunities: Our current list of members account for 80% of the spice exports from India. By enrolling as a member you will not only have access to information of vital importance to your business, but also the opportunity to network with established and experienced company executives.



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30th AGM Chairman's Report

Published:25 Oct 19

Annual report by Chairman, Mr. Rajiv Palicha

Due date for filing GST returns for FY 18 extended to Dec 31

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" Chilies were natives of the Americas. Brought down to India in ancient times, Indian cuisine embraced it and today Indian curries have no identity without them. "

" A knowledgeable use of spices and seasonings is what gives Indian Cuisine its uniqueness and excitement. "

" Paprika Oleoresin is used in chicken feed – Capsanthins and other natural pigments, impart a red tint to the egg yolk "

" Cardamom is known as the queen of spices, thanks to its sweet delicate flavor – Arabs love them in their coffee and Scandinavians in their pastries "