Published:02 Jul 19

EGM on Friday 21st June 2019 to be held at Grand Hotel, Kochi.

Published:21 Jun 19

It has been decided to conduct an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting on Friday 21st June 2019 6.30 p.m. @ Grand Hotel, M.G. Road, Ernakulam


Published:24 Jul 18

WSO Apr May Jun 2018 Newsletter

29th AGM Chairmans Report

Published:26 Nov 18

Annual Report by Chairman Mr. Prakash Namboodiri

Re-launch of pepper futures likely

Published:26 Apr 13

Pepper futures contracts on commodity exchanges might be re-launched soon when the controversial mineral oil issue is resolved

Confiscated pepper export stock goes for resampling

Published:26 Apr 13

There is a chance of boosting Indian pepper export in May and June, if a resampling of a confiscated 6,800 tonnes passes a test and if stockists are willing to match the lower price of global shipments

A Spicy Substitute for Salt

Published:17 Apr 13

Cutting back on sodium is not only good for your blood pressure—using spices to substitute for salt in foods is good for your kidneys, too. An estimated 26 million Americans with chronic kidney disease (CKD) are at risk for kidney failure, for whic

USFDA Food Safety Modernization ACT

Published:01 Oct 12

FSMA amends the existing Federal Food Drug and Cosmetics Act (which in turn had amended Bio-Terrorism Act of 2002). FAQs on all aspects of the bill, as also available on the


Published:06 Oct 12


23rd AGM Annual Report

Published:28 Sep 12

23rd AGM Annual Report of All India Spices Exporters Forum

Spice House Certification

Published:06 Oct 12

Spices Board's campaign for quality upgradation is the introduction of the Spice House Certificate

FDA issues snapshot of food safety measures

Published:05 Sep 12

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released a report on its activities during 2011, giving a snapshot of the scale of its responsibilities and inspection efforts since the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was signed into law in January la

How UP Beats Maharashtra, Gujarat In Agriculture Productivity

Published:04 Sep 12

Indian agriculture’s fate is inextricably linked to the monsoons. Now this may not have been the case where the country’s farmlands are uniformly and sufficiently irrigated. But, as would be expected, some states are more to blame than the rest.

The spice trade: An investment to savour

Published:01 Aug 12

It may be easy to think of the jars of spice in the supermarket aisle, muse that no one really cooks at home any more, and that there can’t really be much more opportunity for the company.

AGRI WRAP-India oilseeds, spices move higher; chana drops

Published:01 Aug 12

(Reuters) - Indian oilseeds and soyoil futures rose on Wednesday tracking gains in overseas markets and on good demand for oilmeal in local spot markets, though forecast of rainfall in top soybean producing Madhya Pradesh state capped the upside.

Food Safety Act

Published:28 Jul 12

Govt. delays implementation of Food Safety law by 6 months.

Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) follow up procedure

Published:04 Jul 12

Spices Board has decided to adopt the following procedure for monitoring the border rejection notifications issued by the European Commission (EC).

Interest Rates on Rupee Export Credit -UCBs

Published:27 Jun 12

Government of India has decided to extend interest subvention of 2% on rupee export credit on specified export sectors from April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013.

Olive Lifesciences begins Marigold oleoresin produ

Published:20 Jun 12

Olive Lifesciences started producing food- and feed-grade Marigold (Tagetes erecta) oleoresin for the nutraceuticals, poultry pigmentation and food coloring industries. Company offers wide range of lutein-based products for human nutraceutical and an

Indian nutraceuticals market could double by 2016

Published:20 Jun 12

Spices are a potent source of wellness and health and the nutaceuticals industry is showing promise! connect the dots..

Curcumin as effective as drug for RA sufferers, study shows

Published:04 Jun 12

As more research shows the connection between inflammation and many diseases—from cancer to cognitive decline—it’s increasingly important that researchers continue to explore ingredients that promote a healthy inflammatory response.

AISEF joins in, on the silver jubilee celebrations of Spices Board

Published:04 Jun 12

KOCHI: In a rare and refreshing display of fraternal feelings, the current chairman and all the previous chairmen of the Spices Board teamed up with its present and past employees to celebrate the silver jubilee of the board on Tuesday.


Published:14 May 12

Article by V Sasheendran, Business Head, New Products Group, Kancor Ingredients Limited - that appeared on Food Marketing and Technology (Indian Edition)

Building awareness on 'good practices' : WSO and Spices Board

Published:14 May 12

A joint initiative of farmers, exporters, the Spices Board, the Department of Agriculture and agricultural universities is needed to open a new platform and chalk out action plans related to improvement and enhancement of the quality of spices, espec

Precision farming and how it made agriculture more lucrative

Published:08 May 12

Indian agriculture, today faces the problem of being non lucrative to the younger generation. This article says precision farming is a solution.

Jodhpur spice park to allot individual slots to exporters

Published:20 Apr 12

The first spice park of the state and second in the country was inaugurated by Union commerce and industry minister Anand Sharma and chief minister Ashok Gehlot near here on Saturday.

Pepper declines

Published:20 Apr 12

The pepper market on Wednesday dropped on bearish sentiments despite having no selling pressure.

Mandatory sampling, Testing & Certification of export consignments of Turmeric & Ginger to EU

Published:02 Apr 12

Export of Turmeric & Ginger from India to European Union should be based on the cleared analytical report of Aflatoxin with effect from 1/4/2012

9 Spices With Super-Healing Powers

Published:27 Mar 12

Spices do more than jazz up the taste of food -- they can also contribute significant health benefits. Here, 9 spices with healing powers.

WSO and Spices Board takes up trial chili cultivation

Published:23 Mar 12

With food safety laws becoming stricter, India – the largest producer, consumer and exporter of spices – is trying new ways to meet the challenge. Spices Board, through its non-profit arm, is evaluating a backward integration model that connects

Where the chili came from!

Published:12 Mar 12

Today we cannot do without it. When it is not present in a dish we say the dish is bland. The chilli has a long and interesting history before it found its way to India.

Spice sellers and foreign investors

Published:06 Mar 12

Indian spices are quite the flavour in the mergers and acquisitions market. After Canadian food giant McCormick and Company's 26 per cent stake buy in Eastern Condiments, another Kerala-based spice firm, Melam, is looking to divest stake to an intern

Himalaya to source more raw materials from small, marginal farmers

Published:06 Mar 12

Every good example, is a learning for the spice industry, too. Let us know what you think..

Central licensing application – A practical walkthrough

Published:02 Mar 12

With the implementation of the Food Safety and Standard Regulations, it is imperative for every food business operator wanting to conduct business in food to obtain a valid licence from the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (Ref licensing re

Turmeric : The wonder herb

Published:01 Mar 12

Commonly used to add a dash of color to cuisines, Turmeric has a long history of use in herbal remedies particularly in India, China, and Indonesia. Various age-old recipes recommend Turmeric to combat allergic respiratory conditions or skin disorder

Spicy, Healthy, Delicious!

Published:24 Feb 12

Red, yellow, green, black, brown…a colour riot that exudes aroma. A mere pinch can take away your health woes while giving your food a flavour that is unparalleled. No wonder Indian spices are “smoking hot” all across the globe! A story by mDhi

Spice Board, USFDA join hands for quality building exercise

Published:15 Feb 12

The Indian spice industry will take up a quality capacity building exercise jointly with the United States Food and Drug Administration, (USFDA) which would enable every segment of the spice industry to confront the diverse global challenges in spice

Spices Board to focus more on value-added products

Published:14 Feb 12

The Spices Board, whose mandate is to promote exports, will increase its focus on value addition to spices. Over the next five years, it hopes that 75-80 per cent of the total export revenue target of $3 billion will come from such products.

Govt to form task force to promote spices export

Published:14 Feb 12

The Union Government will form a task force of all stakeholders to implement the recommendations of experts at the XI th Spice Congress held here to promote exports of Indian spices, Dr A.S. Jayatilak, Chairman, Spices Board of India, said.

'Food Safety' discussed at the World Spice Congress

Published:14 Feb 12

Indian spice traders and producers are facing challenges like food safety, sustainability and traceability. Food safety regulations are affecting spice exports especially to the countries like Germany, France, England, Japan and Australia. India is b

Rainforest Alliance spices up sustainability with new standard

Published:14 Feb 12

With its proven track record, international conservation organisation, the Rainforest Alliance was chosen by the Sustainable Spices Initiative (SSI) to adapt the existing Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) standards to incorporate spice production

Workshop on spices export

Published:18 Jan 12

The WTO cell of the Department of Agriculture, the Spices Board and the World Spice Organisation (WSO) is organising a one-day workshop on spices export on January 20 at Bolghatty Palace Hotel here. The workshop is organised in the context where the

Scientists find photo-protective properties of Turmeric could hold industry value

Published:06 Jan 12

Turmeric has long been used by Indian Women, to keep the skin youthful and radiant. The legacy continues, as scientists find out more ...

Chilli prices continue to slide

Published:13 Jan 12

Chilli prices continued to slide at the Guntur Market Yard on Wednesday, marking a complete turnaround from 2011 when all the varieties of chilli commanded record prices.

The World Spice Organisation

Published:23 Dec 11

AISEF supports the activities of the WSO, working together, from the ground up to bring about spice industry improvements.

How to spice up the winter with hot spices

Published:04 Jan 12

Spices have the potential to not just make interesting - bland food, but also in them they safely guard 'secrets' that help us lead better lives.

Scientists launch mission to save wild pepper with unique properties

Published:23 Dec 11

Scientists at the Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute (JNTBGRI) at Palode near here are racing against time to save a rare type of wild black pepper from being wiped out of existence.

Cardamom auctions to resume on December 26

Published:23 Dec 11

Cardamom auctions, suspended over the Mullaperiyar dam row, will resume from December 26. A meeting of traders, auctioneers and growers will be held on Friday at the Spices Park in Puttady, Idukki district, to take a final decision on resuming auctio

Higher Output and poor export demand hit spices

Published:16 Dec 11

Prices of major spices such as chillies, jeera, turmeric and cardamom are being driven to the ground by higher production, poor export earnings and a lack of working capital with traders to hold the stocks.

New legislation issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of Vietnam (Circular No. 13/2011/TT-BNNPTNT)

Published:23 Dec 11

New legislation issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of Vietnam (Circular No. 13/2011/TT-BNNPTNT)

Latest Updates from US FDA

Published:13 Dec 11

The DHS Report on Activities of the Food and Agriculture Government Coordinating Council and the Food and Agriculture Sector Coordinating Council is now available.

Pepper - More than Seasoning!

Published:21 Nov 11

Researchers at the University of Georgia are exploring how black pepper can combat fatigue.

The World Spice Congress 2012

Published:29 Sep 11

AISEF co-hosts the World Spice Congress, in discussion on Sustainability and Food Safety.

Spice export goes up in value

Published:21 Nov 11

During April-September 2011, a total of 2,37,585 tonnes of spices and spice products valued Rs.4,165.59 crore (US$ 920.55 million) has been exported from the country as against the 2,94,925 tonnes valued Rs.3,220.16 crore (US$ 699.25 million) in Apri

Herbs for Fertility

Published:01 Dec 11

Spices and Herbs have a myriad benefits that are being discovered every day, around the world.

Become a member!

Published:20 Dec 11

Let's all unite, to bring about 'good' changes in the spice industry. Join us and encourage fellow crusaders in the industry to join AISEF, too...